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Hugo Kessler
Introducing 3.0, the next major release of 3.0 comes with an all-new design which focuses on readability, typography, and simplicity. In 3.0, the interface bows down to the content. Text is large and readable, and the new font is easy on the eyes and works across all browsers. Animations are super smooth, the colors are more vibrant, and the mobile sites are better than ever. 3.0 is the biggest change to since the original version. 
Simplicity has never been more beautiful
Introducing 3.0
GlennKessler for iOS 3.0 is a major update for the app on iPad. Every pixel has been reconsidered and redesigned. Everything has been changed. The result is an app that is more beautiful and functional than ever before. The Articles page on iPad has been redesigned with a sleek visual layout, based on headlines. When you tap on an article, you experience the simplified reading interface, with no ads or distractions. On the main Articles page, you can swipe between article filters, and tap the search button to access a powerful and simple search. The Pinocchio Game tab is a fun way to test your knowledge of the Fact Checker column. Read a quote, select the rating, see the answer, share your scores, and revisit past games easily. The Videos tab now has a large library of 25 videos, with more coming frequently. Every other tab in the app has been redesigned for iPad. GlennKessler for iOS 3.0 also sees many of these changes brought to the iPhone as well. GlennKessler for iOS 3.0 is the best version of the app yet.
GlennKessler for iOS 3.0
GlennKessler for iOS. Reimagined for iPad.